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Are you a writer whose words fail to dazzle the reader?  Does your research lack in substance or credibility? Can your grammar and usage use a facelift?  Has your attempt at self-editing fallen short? If you answer yes to any of the above, you may be an average writer.

The good news is, you don’t have to be. Whether you’re a new writer or a not, you can improve your craft and break out of average-writer status with a little determination and know-how. No Average Writer offers important tips and tricks for how to stand out in the writing crowd and write your best. Download here or contact me to purchase a copy.

Twelve-year-old Frank Cummings is down on his luck. All he wants to do is play baseball, but his leg was injured in a farming accident that left him unable to run. He doesn't have the courage to stand up to the boys at his new school when they snicker at his base running. At least he can still catch. And that's just what he intends to do while watching the town baseball team practice. But haughty Will Parker from New York City shows up and spoils Frank's plans. Things only get worse when Frank learns that Will is going to stay for the summer and work with Frank at Pa's hotel. Then Frank discovers a secret about Will's family that changes everything. The problem is, now Will may be trapped in a hardware store and a massive fire—the worst in Fargo's history—just broke out. Can Frank find the courage to save him? Download here or contact me to purchase a copy.

Ten-year-old Isabel Marsh wants her papa to finish constructing a four-masted schooner he’s left half built on the ways. Papa had closed down the family-owned shipyard months earlier after a tragic accident that killed Isabel’s brother. Isabel sees the schooner as the key to Papa’s grieving heart. With the help of her ailing grandfather and a trusted shipyard worker, Isabel sets out to accomplish her goal. Set in the early 1900s along the Kennebec River in Maine, Saving the Schooner is a story about coping with unwanted change. Downcast over the loss of her brother, a father who has grown distant, and a shipbuilding era that is coming to an end, Isabel rediscovers happiness through hope and determination. Contact me to purchase.

Raised the daughter of a prominent shipbuilder, Margaret Sewall Hector enjoyed a childhood filled with ship launchings, pleasure trips, and elegant parties at her family's mansion in Bath, Maine. When her schooling took her to the fashionable Miss Chamberlayne's boarding school in Boston, Margaret met a friend who would change her life forever. Faced with her most difficult decision, she traded the bustling river banks of Maine for the quiet plains of North Dakota, where her part in the development of Fargo-Moorhead's airport is still remembered. But her greatest gift of all can be found in the historic memories she left behind. Limited copies available. Contact me for information.

Arthur Sewall constructed some of the finest deep-water sailing vessels of the late 19th century, including the only fleet of steel square-riggers in the country. From his home town of Bath, Maine, he pursued a dream to see the banks of the Kennebec River lined with shipyards resembling those along the Scottish river Clyde. In doing so, he pushed for legislation to improve American shipping and the American merchant marine. His business and political efforts won him a nomination for the United States vice presidency in 1896 alongside running mate William Jennings Bryan. Together, the two men brought the idea of free silver into the minds of the nation. Sorry, there are no copies available for sale at this time. Please contact a Maine public library.

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