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Fargo History Project Highlights Student Research, Digital Technology, and a Little Bit of Me

An interesting new website just launched by some graduate students from North Dakota State University. Sponsored by Assistant Professor of History Angela Smith, the site is called The Fargo History Project and serves as "a vehicle for student research” in a digital history class. The site is designed to attract community engagement about local Fargo history and will continue to add information from future history classes at NDSU.

I’m especially excited about this new website for several reasons. First, I’m from Fargo and have always been interested in learning more about the city’s beginnings. Also, as a writer of history, I appreciate reading what other history writers have to share. And finally, I have a small part in the project. I was asked to perform an audio recording of a history piece I wrote years ago on Fargo pioneer Martin Hector. Unearthing my old article and reading – aloud – what I’d written years ago turned out to be as fun as it was rewarding. Plus, I got to relearn the story of the man who happens to be my great-grandfather.

I am grateful to Angela Smith and the students at NDSU for creating an innovative way to share and discuss important local history – and keep yesterday’s news fresh and alive. Check out the new website at

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