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For Some Festive Fun, Write a Holiday Story

holiday ornament

With the holidays fast approaching, you might be thinking about writing a holiday story. What’s great about holiday stories is that they aren’t just for kids. Adults love to read stories with a holiday theme, too. But no matter who your target audience, there are a few things to keep in mind when writing a holiday story.

First and foremost, a good story is key. The holiday element matters, of course, but the characters, plot, and writing style matter more. Like any story, a holiday story that doesn’t engage and satisfy the reader—child or adult—won’t be appealing and won’t sell.

Here are some other tips for writing a holiday story:

  1. Choose a fresh twist on a holiday theme; overdone holiday stories are just that, overdone.

  2. Be respectful of cultural diversity and the many ways people celebrate holidays.

  3. Depending on the publication, be cautious about involving religion or overemphasizing it.

  4. Aim to uplift, inspire, and entertain the reader, and include humor if possible.

  5. For children’s stories, add a creative activity, such as a holiday game, craft, or recipe.

  6. Submit a holiday story well in advance of the holiday (check writer’s guidelines for exact deadlines).

Make this season merry and bright, and write a holiday story. Whether you submit it now or next season or just share it with the family, you can’t go wrong. Everyone likes this festive time of year, not to mention a good holiday read.

Image by Domaniqs

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